GoSmartFrames II

Building on the results of the Interreg V Go Smart Frames project, Inspiring Futures, in collaboration with the French consultancy DLSIX-Consulting, intends to develop augmented reality solutions for areas such as health, environment, sport and marketing.

Lemanic Living Lab

Based on more than fifteen years of experience and the diversity of professional skills of its network members, IF can help test innovative digital solutions with users in real-life situations, particularly in the health sector.


In a rapidly changing world, Inspiring Futures regularly conducts studies that can help decision-makers who are concerned with the direction of emerging and fast-evolving technological issues to act appropriately and with the right tempo in the areas of high concernto them.

Campus 2030

Strategic advice for the creation of new generation concept of residences, at the forefront of the speciality, envisaged as enriching living spaces and the source of stimulating experiences, with the openness and attractiveness of a campus.

Inspiring Futures supports the development of digital and technological solutions designed to help maintain social connections, for physical and cognitive health.

Patient pathways

Inspiring Futures and its partners are currently conducting a multidisciplinary study: "Quality and efficiency of care pathways: back to the human element". We have brought together a research group made up of numerous actors from the healthcare sector (general practitioners, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, patient-experts, patient associations, etc.).
The objective of the study is to identify the major and common breakpoints in the care pathways and to come up with recommendations for the various actors in the care chain.

What are our publications?

Inspiring Futures routinely performs consulting tasks, on private mandates or in international projects, including trend analyses, technology evaluations and benchmarks related to cutting-edge innovative developments, with equal focus on the aspects of opportunity and risk. In the wake of these activities, Inspiring Futures, when confidentiality clauses allow it, publishes these studies, which can provide various types of decision-makers with overall insights and useful clues on these emerging or very rapidly changing topics.

These publications, as we call them, are of two types:

  • adaptations, for economic and institutional sectors in need of benchmarks and guidance, of analyses carried out by Inspiring Futures on mandates given by external decision-makers,
  • Inspiring Futures analyses produced on its own, on high-demand subjects.

In the first case, the analysis focuses on topics that may be of interest to decision-makers, always relating to unstabilized technologies, with even a not-so-clear future. These decision-makers may order them, in case they consider them useful, after reading the executive summary and the first three pages.

In the second case, these are periodic updates that always include a state of the art presentation of the technology evaluated, general implications for markets and society, and finally, specialized chapters, de facto configuring special versions that define, on demand, sectoral issues associated with these technology-market « couples». In the latter case, our White Papers are available as a subscription, ensuring regularity in taking into account new developments and updating these sectoral analyses.

Finally, always on request, we can carry out analyses on original themes, emanating from clients’ needs and not from our work in progress, with a general section accessible to an entire market, or even a sector within a market, and with a more specialised section, naturally more confidential, for the delivery to and use of the requesting customers only.

From summer 2021, a first offer of publications, with formats, acquisition methods and prices, will be available.