Our services

Exploring the future

  • Strategic advice to public and private organisations
  • Trend studies and analysis of weak and strong signals of change
  • Scenario design and evaluation
  • White papers on emerging technology topics

The uncertainties of a rapidly changing world, with the societal challenges and difficulties of adaptation that they imply, call for specific expertise to help decision-makers orient themselves and plan effectively.

Our business: anticipation !

« Some believe they can calculate and predict it for limited goals in ambition and time. In reality, the complexity of the societal issues that give shape to the deployment of the future makes it globally immeasurable and always carrying possible surprises. On the other hand, we all contribute, at our level, to build it, consciously and unconsciously, individually and collectively. We put our hopes, our ideals, but also our fears and our biases. It is therefore a question of being able to think about its diversity, both in terms of points of view and the diverse dynamics that are in confrontation, and to embrace novelty with an open mind, both attentive and committed, so as to be as much as possible the actors of what is desirable to us.

It sounds simple, but it's not, anticipation is actually the art of using the future to make the best decisions in the immediate present."

Pierre Rossel, President and Founder

Governance in the digital age

  • Foresight and evaluation of strategies
  • Transformation of public governance in the digital age
  • Policy modelling and simulations of alternative options and scenarios
  • Advice on deploying technology diplomacy

We help decision-makers overcome the challenge of improving the impact and quality of digital services, and the obligation to protect citizens from the potential harm caused by emerging technologies, and in particular artificial intelligence (AI).

"Decision-makers around the world face the challenge of governing algorithms and associated automated processes (AI governance), while having to govern with associated algorithms, methods and computer systems (governance of and by AI)" (Misuraca, 2020).

Our activities in this field are based on the interrelated concepts of digital governance, technology diplomacy and democratic innovation.

Digital governance refers to the ability to master how to use and manage algorithms, data and global digital infrastructure while preserving our collective social and economic prosperity and ensuring individual rights.

Technology diplomacy addresses the art of building negotiating capacities to promote regulatory convergence of digital technologies at the international level, and in particular to ensure that "human-centric" AI can genuinely improve the well-being of all.

Democratic innovation encompasses a range of new mechanisms to harness digital technologies to empower citizens, develop new ways of engaging in politics and ensure that participation is structured and channelled to generate collective knowledge and new forms of social innovation.

Responsible Innovation

  • Training & conferences
  • Immersive capsule of possible futures
  • Simulation workshops on health issues with high ethical and organisational impact
  • Personalised support to move from simulation to action

Responsible innovation consists of giving meaning, asking ethical questions, anticipating developments and measuring the impact of technologies on society, organisations and citizens.

"With scenarios, we imagine the future, we get inspired, with questions, we start to position ourselves and then evaluate the possibilities. Our challenge at your side: to reconcile ethics, technology & business for responsible innovations. »

Our services mainly concern subjects related to the future of health with strong impacts in terms of ethics and consequences on the organisation of healthcare systems:

  • Individual and collective issues related to the concept of "Biocitizen"
  • Artificial intelligence and healthcare governance   
  • Security and use of health data       
  • Exploring future health careers
  • Impact of preventive medicine
  • Issues of patient journeys and patient healthcare trajectories

For more information, please visit www.gen-dh.com

Creative solutions

  • Augmented glasses for sports
  • Immersive interactive spaces
  • Pokemonisation, Gaming for the Planet
  • Positive stress systems

We co-develop creative solutions from a user augmentation perspective. Our solutions are primarily aimed at the health and environmental markets.

IF has a networked tool, the Lemanic Linving Lab, to test, evaluate and co-develop innovations: www.lemaniclivinglab.ch

To accelerate the development of creative solutions that serve people and citizens IF will launch its first hackathon: "What IF?"

Date to come subject to the evolution of sanitary constraints